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Buy a Lint Roller, Lint Rollers / Lint Removers here, it's all we sell!

Remove dog hair and other debris more easily with high a quality lint roller or lint rollers for less! Buy here and save big money compared to costly retail prices. We've been selling these products on this Web site for three successful years. Thank you to our many returning customers for your ongoing support!

Our Products Feature:
  • Advanced adhesive and a unique dry-edge for easy removal of adhesive layers.
  • 60 Sheets each, unlike the cheaper store brands.
  • Durable, easy to roll handle.
  • MADE IN U.S.A.!

  • For larger orders, please call us at (218) 393-0631.

    FREE Shipping within the U.S.!

    "You can't go wrong buying these lint rollers at these prices." - Kim E., Lucky's Mom

    "Thank you for selling high quality lint rollers in bulk at such great prices! We use them all the time to clean up after our dogs."

    - Janna C.

    Our Prices Are So Low, You Can.....
  • Throw a lint roller in your car to keep it neat.
  • Pack lint rollers along for trips and always look your best.
  • Use a lint remover to help clean those hard to reach places, like kitchen drawers.
  • Buy lint rollers in bulk and save big money!
  • By using a better lint roller, you use fewer sheets and also save time.
  • Get large lint rollers for the price of the smaller ones.
  • Support the U.S. by purchasing these lint rollers which are manufactured in U.S.A.

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    DogHairAway Discount JUMBO Lint Roller 18-Pack
    Product Description
    Discount JUMBO Lint Roller 18-Pack. FREE SHIPPING

    Sells at retail for $89.82. Buy here for only $45.00


    FREE Shipping within the United States via Priority Mail! 60 layer lint rollers, 30 feet per roll. Advanced adhesive. Easy peel-away dry edge. Smooth-rolling handle. Deeply discounted lint rollers due to minor cosmetic irregularities, which do not affect their function. Lint roller label type may vary but the lint rollers are all the same.