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DogHairAway Lint Roller Customer Comments
"These are simply great lint rollers. They seem stickier and pick up more of my blonde hair and lint from my black wool coat. Way better than the lint rollers I've purchased before (and those name-brand ones cost me a lot more!). I actually started buying lint rollers because of my black lab. I use them to keep my clothes looking clean and professional. Now I even use the lint rollers on my light colored comforter that shows every black hair. You can't go wrong buying these lint rollers at these prices."

- Kim E., Lucky's Mom

"I love my lint rollers that I purchased. With one cat, two dogs and two horses I do have more animal hair on me, on my furniture and in the car! One quick roll and Im ready to meet the public or have friends come to visit. I have a lint roller in the bathroom, in my car, next to the couch and at the office, they work super, the best investment I ever made."

Janet P., The True Animal Lover

"These lint rollers are 100 times better than the reusable type, especially when youre brushing out and trimming your pet. I vacuumed my floor first and then used the lint roller and was surprised at the amount of fur it picked up. The low cost was a plus."

-Ruth Berger

Here's some comments from other satisfied customers:

"Highly Recommended. Great communicator with very satisfying results."

"My 3rd time ordering from this seller. Transactions & items always perfect!!!"

"Very good product at the best price out there. Thanks."

"Best deal in the entire universe...I checked!! Yes, better than Wal-Mart even!"

"Great deal. Thanks for helping me eliminate lint from my life!"