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DogHairAway Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are your lint rollers so inexpensive?

A: The lint rollers we sell contain minor cosmetic imperfections, which do not affect their quality. That's why we can offer them at such an ubelievable price! Most customers will not even notice the imperfections.

Q: Which payment methods do you offer?

A: Customers have many payment options, including PayPal, major credit cards, or even personal check.

Q: Do I have be signed up with PayPal to purchase from this site?

A: No--you have the option to pay via PayPal, or you can use your own credit card. You will receive payment notification from PayPal because they are my payment processor.

Q: How does this product compare to others?

A: Customers say that our lint rollers have stickier adhesive, better than some of the big name brands. They also say that the main advantage is the unique dry edge, which makes each layer easy to peel away and remove. Our products also contain a removable handle, unlike many other products. Therefore, you can save your handles, and just purchase the refills. This saves you money and also reduces waste, helping the environment.

Q: Is it secure to purchase from this web site?

A: Yes. We use PayPal for payment processing. We chose PayPal because they offer the most secure encryption methods available. So, yes it is secure to purchase from this web site. Customers also have the option of rating my store after purchasing, which gives others an idea about the quality of my products and services. Also, I do offer a 30 day money back return policy if you are not completely satisfied.

Q: Why don't you offer any other products on this web site?

A: By offering only a few products, we are able to keep the pricing low and offer free shipping.

Q: Do these rollers work well for other things besides removing dog hair?

A: Yes. Actually, these are the same rollers used by commercial companies, like dry cleaners, use to clean clothing at their businesses. They can be used for many different purposes, and will work very well.